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Pablo Garuda
Give Me The Facts
Keeping the team informed 
9th-Apr-2008 11:44 pm
ketep, merapi
I'm happy. We've just discovered a great way of keeping Appropedia users up to date.

Lonny has changed the front page, adding feeds of the Newest Articles, Newest User Pages and Newest Categories. So at a glance we see that there are, at this moment, new articles on constructed wetlands for greywater, secondary wastewater treatment, and Appropedia Action Groups. This may not be fancy technology, but the fact that we can do this in MediaWiki is extremely useful.

Already it's succeeding in keeping the Appropedia community abreast of what's going on: It quickly led to a question about the OLPC bundle that we're working on. And today I saw that Smári of Reykjavík (open design buff) has made a blag mention of the upcoming Open Sustainability Network Conference 2008 - before we've figured out what city it's in,* let alone got around to making an announcement. This is cool.

The Recent changes page will remain a vital part of maintaining the wiki - but it's really the hardcore wikiholics who will make use of that. And even for the hardcore, the Newest Pages feeds are a way to see a selection of recent activity, with most of the static removed.

*We're open to suggestions for location but are inclined towards Boston or San Francisco - either would be close to a heap of organizations and university departments with a sustainable development focus. If you know of anywhere suitable in North America, where we could get a free venue in October that could take a couple of hundred people, please let us know! (This puts me in the odd situation of organizing a conference in a country - nay, a hemisphere - that I have yet to visit. With a bunch of colleagues I have yet to meet. Much anticipation!)
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