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Pablo Garuda
Give Me The Facts
Awesomely gunky ads 
25th-May-2011 12:05 am
ketep, merapi
Late night television in Indonesia involves watching a lot of vignettes where awesome good-looking men do awesome things. sometimes with admiring good-looking women looking on. Some of them are quite inspiring. Not in any tangible way, mind you - just the way that watching a superhero movie is inspiring.

In none of these mini movies does anyone smoke - even though they are in fact cigarette ads. But the brand is displayed prominently at the end, followed very briefly by a health warning.

But last night, there was a twist. After the usual awesomeness - this time on a yacht - the health warning appeared as if torn from the cigarette packet, at an angle, and floating in the water... where it had apparently been for some weeks, as it was encrusted with patchy brown gunk, and very difficult to read - even assuming you could pause it to give yourself time to read it. So this warning about heart problems and impotence became a cool part of the vignette.

Very clever - I wish I had a fraction of these advertising smarts for promoting Appropedia.
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