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Pablo Garuda
Give Me The Facts
Anti-Procrastination Coaching 
5th-Feb-2015 11:24 am
ketep, merapi
My interest in personal change, communication and making an impact in the world has led me to study life coaching, as well as unofficially studying psychology and taking other courses in personal effectiveness. After coaching informally for some time, I'm now establishing my life coaching business. I work with people around the world via Skype or phone, and I can work in person in Melbourne.

My focus is on anti-procrastination, and my areas of interest – based on personal experience, coaching experience and study – include:

  • Focus, attention deficit and tackling procrastination.

  • Applying mindfulness, self-compassion and effective communication.

What I love doing, and can do well, is talking people through their challenges and helping them find ways forward. If this interests you at all, set up a free 20 minute session and see if it there's an option that's right for you. I don't do a hard sell, because I'm a coach not a marketer, and I enjoy helping people create change in their lives rather than selling myself. If you go away from the free session with something that you can apply to live a better life, I'm happy with that.

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